Varia: On the Rocks (English version)
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On the Rocks (English version)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ice
Uscita: 03-11-2021

ISBN: 978-88-3364-404-2

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Often considered a secondary ingredient, ice is actually the true star of the cocktail. In this book, the first complete publication on the subject, Marco Garino explains the importance of what is to be considered in all respects a genuine foodstuff. Packed with indepth information, factsheets and curiosities, this book covers every detail about ice: from its natural creation to its technological production by means of ice-makers, from the various forms and types of products to the most appropriate techniques for working with it. An indispensable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike, thanks in particular to the extensive and exhaustive sections on consumption, production costs, legislation and certification requirements. The volume is rounded off with a special contribution by Mirko Turconi, one of Italy's most famous and renowned bartenders.